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Avoid Average Weekends

Avoid Average Weekends

Offline gives you instant access to your city's best events and places, curated daily.

We use data, technology and a human touch to identify the best things to do in a city, editorialize them, and deliver them to our users’ pockets faster than any company in the world. With our phones quickly becoming our wallets, the $82 billion spent annually on extracurricular food, drink and entertainment will soon flow entirely through our smartphones. Purchasing will be influenced by products that command user attention and hyper-local purchasing behavior—Offline offers both.

We've started with mid-markets (Raleigh-Durham, Charlotte, and Nashville) and a well-defined target demographic that we can monopolize while learning quickly. In Raleigh and Charlotte, 1 in 3 iPhone-carrying, college-educated millennial women use Offline, with Nashville following quickly. We've generated incredible engagement and retention while operating lean, and are now actively seeking partners and growth capital.
Founder @Offline, former valedictorian @North Carolina State University, chemical engineering @Procter & Gamble @Covidien

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