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Software Engineer - Entry or Mid-level Mobile Engineer

$65k – $125k • 0.0% – 2.0%
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We're looking to hire a solid entry-level or mid-level mobile engineer. We will be developing our new customer facing app using the Flutter framework. If you're mid-level then we prefer your prior experience is with Android.

As our Mobile Engineer you’ll leverage Google’s new toy, Flutter, to develop and maintain a single code base for both Android and iOS.

You will work side by side with our Sr. Engineer and our UI/UX designers.

Your work will have a huge impact on the tens of thousands of users who use our apps on a daily basis. If you're up for the challenge, you'll quickly be given ownership of a large part of our codebase. This is a position with plenty of growth potential!

- Comfortable with OOP concepts and implementing them
- Ability to build a simple app from start to finish
- Coding Bootcamp or 4-year education in Computer Science or equivalent

- Real-world experience developing Android production-level apps, using best coding practices.
- Highly skilled in pixel-perfect app layout (all assets will be provided)
- Must have experience writing test cases
- Able to manage releases and track bugs
- Capable and adept at reviewing code
- Understand and implement state management
- Understand runtime and spacetime complexities

- Experience with Flutter and Dart
- Experience with React Native

● Fast learner
You'll be expected to have advanced knowledge of the Android platform and any cross-platform technologies.

● Fearlessness
You think a working proof of concept is the best way to make a point. Go ahead and wow us, because you strive on proving that speed and quality have absolutely no conflicts!

● Strong Technical Chops and Passion for Your Work.
You stay on top of the latest development news, patterns and trends. You enjoy writing code and would spend your time doing so even if you didn’t have to in order to make a living.

● Startup Culture
- We work hard and play hard. You understand this.
- You must be a team player and must be comfortable taking initiative. You speak up when you see a better way to solve a problem.
- You’re excited by the idea that nothing is holding you back at OTR and appreciate the fact that you're encouraged to experiment and try new things.

● Appreciates Good Design; Focused On Delighting The User

● Up For A Challenge
App development may take up most of your time, but you are also open to getting your hands wet with Java API work or web frontend work if that’s what’s required in order to deliver the best results to the user. You are OK taking on new challenges.

● Education and Experience
- Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science/Engineering or other relevant discipline (an equivalent combination of experience and impressive portfolio would meet this requirement)
- At least 3 years of experience building and shipping mobile apps for Android.

- Please introduce yourself and describe your experience with the following: Native Android, React Native, Flutter

- Please provide a list of apps you've worked on and your role in the project (were you working by yourself? With a team? Did you do the coding? Design? etc.)

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