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Social media is broken. We're fixing it

Social media is broken. We're fixing it

Over the past 15 years we’ve seen the rise of the social media giants, all built upon the vision of connecting the world and building a harmonious global community. We believed in their vision, but it ultimately fell short. As we spend more and more time interacting on their platforms, we experience less of the genuine human connection that is essential to our well-being and more of the fleeting, superficial connection that chips away at our mental health. ODEO.com is a radically different social experience that connects college students and recent grads through AI guided 1-on-1 voice chats. Now available in public beta on iOS, ODEO will spark your curiosity, open your mind to new perspectives, and fundamentally change what it means to be a social network. Download at ODEO.com/download

Head of Growth & Community, Founding Team

Bradley Tramer

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Software Engineer & Product Designer. Founder @ odeo.com. Previously @Darkroom