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Automatically rank applicant CVs against vacancies

Automatically rank applicant CVs against vacancies

Octavia is an AI-plugin, designed to revolutionise the recruitment process. Octavia reduces the time and cost it takes to fill a position and ensures recruiters have access to the best candidates, as well as the time to connect with them. Using machine learning, Octavia can identify ideal candidates for your job vacancies based on their CVs and your job description. Sophisticated algorithms are then able to immediately rank these candidates, leaving you with only the best candidates who you can spend more time with.

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Techie in investment banking (BoA/Lehman/UBS) for 13 years, co-founded Rekrvt Ltd/Octavia.ai in 2015.
Founder @Octavia.ai, Octavia.ai. Co-organiser of MancML, MancML.io