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The Messenger & SMS Platform for Ecommerce


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Adam Schwartz

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Founder/CEO @Articulate

Adrian Fenty

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Brennan O'Donnell

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Airtable | Euclid | SurveyMonkey | Yammer | Google

Hilary Karls

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Angel, Entrepreneur, Eng Manager. @Uber @Sociable Labs, Clean Tech Open, @Google; @Massachusetts Institute of Technology EECS BS, @Wellesley College Econ BA

Luke Shepard

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Advisor/CTO at eSpark- grew students 20x. Former Eng Mgr on Platform @ Facebook, built iOS/Android integrations, FB Connect, FB Pages. LEGO Robotics Coach.

M Ventures

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M Ventures is a uniquely positioned and constructed early-stage venture firm.

Tim Berry

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Founder of Palo Alto Software; entrepreneur, business planner, author, Stanford MBA, member of Willamette Angel Conference 2009-2016, investor lead 2013.

Eusden Shing

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Experienced engineering, product, growth leader • Currently product and growth @Faire . Previous @Pinterest @Hulu @Symantec @UCLA


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MACRO is a disruptive media company focused on the multicultural market.
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