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Sharath Keshavanarayana

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Cofounder at observe.ai, a Y-Combinator backed Enterprise. Previously Sales Exec with Unbxd, Practo, AWS, Akamai with over 14 years of SaaS sales experience.

Akash Singh

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Co-founder observe.ai | Ex InMobiEng | Ex Microsoft | IIT Delhi Alum


Worked at UserZoom Technologies

Angel Irizarry

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Worked at UserZoom Technologies

Akshay Kore

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Product designer at Observe AI. Ex-designer AI research Microsoft, Ex-lead design SME Cleartax, IIT Bombay

Muzammil Badbade

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Heading recruitment for the Observe.AI India office!

Meher Vamsi

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Building AI powered software products.

Jay Leano

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Enterprise Sales Director at Observe.AI. Over ten years in enterprise sales as an individual contributor and leadership role.

Board members and advisors

Jason Dorfman

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First sales hire/founding team at Rubrik. Co-founder & CEO at Orum.
MD at Nexus Venture Partners

Ankur Jain

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Partner at Emergent Ventures

Former team

Naman Jain

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Shreekantha Nadig

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Prateek Prasad

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Shivangi Chauhan

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samay jain

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