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Super fast Mobile Database

Super fast Mobile Database

ObjectBox (Techstars '17) is the first high-performance NoSQL, ACID-compliant on-device database for mobile and IoT. ObjectBox is 10x faster than SQLite. It also takes only 1/10th of Lines of Code (LOC) to implement. The database is free for maximum adoption. On top of the database, we are building a data synchronization solution. This will be paid as a SaaS. As we have seen from transformations on the server space (NoSQL & cloud), connected devices will trigger the next transformation towards edge computing. Since ObjectBox allows any developer to handle more data on small devices, it will become the centrepiece of this. GitHub: github.com/greenrobot/ObjectBox We are also the team behind the open-source projects greenDAO (github.com/greenrobot/greenDAO) and EventBus (github.com/greenrobot/eventbus), which are used by 30% of the top-500 apps on Google Play. To give some examples: Pinterest, Booking, Snapchat are all using our libraries in their apps.

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His open source runs in over 30% of top apps on Google Play. Ranked top 0.1% of all Java&Android developers on GitHub.

Vivien Dollinger

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Founder ObjectBox, CEO