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OTP has a foundation that is truly one of a kind

OTP has a foundation that is truly one of a kind

Since 2016 OasisThemepark has been testing it's foundation & our employee packages. Two of the biggest problems businesses have are banks stealing from them & employee packages that don't help as intended. OasisThemepark's employee package stacks the deck in our employee's favor. Part of our employee package includes loan & bill pay off. We want out employee's full attention on their job not their bills. By bringing employees bills current one time or paying off a bill a lot of stress is removed. To make sure our one of a kind business foundation & employee safety net would work we tested both personally. Inorder for business to function a bank must be trust worthy with it's money. People don't work for free. It does no good to payoff someone's bills if a bank will keep that money for themselves. Had to prove to Congress & the Senate these problems are real so they would do something about it. This is why we haven't hired anyone or put any hiring notices out.

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24/7 on call driver for Coach America. Fed up with hearing about the high unemployment rates I decided to do something about it. I started OasisThemepark LLC