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At O4S, we are working towards revolutionizing the manner in which business process work across an enterprise’s supply chain, through our pioneer solutions, Original4SureTM & SupplyticsTM.

We can all recall instances when we were offered Aquifina/Bislery water bottles when we sought to buy Packaged Water by Aquafina/Bisleri. Any rational buyer today is left at the mercy of fraudulent packaging in order to assess whether the product he/she is purchasing is genuine or not. What if the packaging of a counterfeited product is exactly the same as a genuine product? Ironically, in our country we didn’t have measures to tackle such intelligent counterfeiting, until Original4Sure.

Through Supplytics, we aspire to build a unified platform for all supply chain stakeholders, and in the process, remedy the problems posed by existing supply chains which are fragmented & opaque. We’re helping brands like PepsiCo, Campus Shoes, Nova Desi Ghee, DCM Shriram and many others to monitor the purchasing behaviour, in real-time, of their distributors, retailers and consumers to do sales forecasting, roll-out digitized trade promotions and monitor inventory flow across India and the globe.

Our team consists of a very high pedigree of people with experience ranging from 3 yrs to 15 yrs. The team is a beautiful blend of people with entrepreneurial and corporate background.
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