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Nyctale develop data science tools to analyze value generated by blockchain projects

Data Engineer

€35k – €50k • 0.1% – 1.0%
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Data is the fuel of Nyctale, its high quality is essential. Thus, we are looking for a data engineer to ensure the data to be properly administered, up-to-date, well documented, and most importantly easely requestable. Once in our team, you:
- Implement and maintain data extraction, processing and storage processes in large scale data systems (data pipelines, data warehouses) for internal needs, customer’s analytics, and reporting features ;
- Work closely with Data Scientists and help them to implement and maintain machine learning systems (feature generation, learning, evaluation, publishing) ;
- Design, build and launch new data models and datasets in production ;
- Define and manage SLA for datasets across the different storage layers to ensure performance meets needs ;
- Optimise performance tuning related to slow queries and reporting data structures ;
- Define and manage overall schedule and availability of all data sets ;
- Enjoy a fast-paced work environment.

Job Requirements:
- Degree in Computer Science or a related field ;
- Proficient with Python and AWS (API, RDS, S3, Athena...) ;
- Experience in custom ETL design, implementation, and maintenance ;
- Proficient and comfortable with SQL ;
- Deep familiarity with distributed processing (Map Reduce) and more generally with big data technologies and unstructured data ;
- Experience with configuration and maintenance of distributed computing systems such as Hadoop or Spark
- Innately curious and organized to analyze data and identify deliverables’ anomalies, while proposing solutions to address these findings ;
- Mastery of the environment used: Linux ;
- Mastery of languages used: Python, Go, Bash ;
- Mastery of practical tools: Docker, Git ;
- Ability to understand business processes and how to measure and improve them in an organization ;
- Understanding of blockchain concepts is, obviously, a huge plus ;
- We highly value previous professional experiences.

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Born entrepreneur passionate for distributed ledger and disruptive technologies skilled in Entrepreneurship, Development Strategy, & Business Development

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Nyctale develop data science tools to analyze value generated by blockchain projects

Nyctale focuses on Business Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, and Blockchain / Cryptocurrency. Their company has offices in Lyon. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at http://www.nyctale.io

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