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Nyctale develop data science tools to analyze value generated by blockchain projects

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Crypto-assets valorization is currently quite unpredictable, and almost exclusively due to speculation. When projects will begin to deliver services, the usage of tokens will generate value on top of investment and speculative behaviors. Entrepreneurs and investors don’t have yet tools to monitor and understand the impact of different communities’ behavior on the token value. It is therefore crucial for entrepreneurs to measure the impact of their product’s features on the token value, and also for investment strategies to identify the value creation potential based on community growth. Blockchain ledger hasn't been conceived to ease the extraction and the interpretation of transaction data. We develop tools to transpose information to a data science compliant format and to implement advanced analytic analysis that are well suited to reveal behaviors and economic mechanisms, in a business intelligence strategy. Consequently, we are able to characterize the size, the weight and the evolution of each communities (investors, speculators and users) that are interacting on a determined token. Monitoring the impact of these types of actors on the token value and understanding the way it evolves regarding project operational development is highly valuable for entrepreneurs and investors.
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Devops in Nyctale are responsible for helping to design, develop, deploy, and maintain the core part of our infrastructure. They work closely with data scientists to ensure smooth industrialization of their algorithms and with project manager to deliver effectively to our clients.


Data Engineer

Data is the fuel of Nyctale, its high quality is essential. Thus, we are looking for a data engineer to ensure the data to be properly administered, up-to-date, well documented, and most importantly easely requestable.


Project Manager

The project manager is in charge of a client portfolio, to support actors all along the technical and business process around Nyctale’s offer. It requires business and technical competences, with a good knowledge in blockchain technologies and data science practices (data analytics mainly).