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Parent company is a private equity/real estate development fund. Owners have ability to market on Inc.com, Forbes, BiggerPockets.com and many more industry-relevant sites.
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Real Estate Development Partner | EVP

We're a private equity firm with subsidiaries in real estate development, venture capital and media. We're working on multiple ground-up developments in Philadelphia and NYC ($80M in current pipeline), including a historic high-rise, the first smart home student housing development in Philadelphi...


Head, Content & Editor of wealthlab.co "CNBC for Gen Z"

  • Helps manage our daily newsletter with the top curated stories in the niche
  • Has BYLINES and PUBLISHED WORK in top US publications

Digital/Newsletter Editor Wealthlab.co (CNBC for Gen Z)

  • Helps find top content across the web for our curated newsletter
  • Identifies stories from across the web and reframes it for our platform

Director, Marketing/Growth Hacker

Posted 10 months ago

We are a private equity real estate and tech company.

We have built an MVP of a real estate analysis spreadsheet featured in a story that went viral in the REI community.


Head, Strategy & Growth (Exit/Series A experience!)

Posted 6 months ago
  • Build out our community
  • Leverage our media arm wealthlab.co and its event and conference business

Sponsorship/Advertising Sales Executive (EVENTS)

Posted 10 months ago

wealthlab is a fast-growing media/events company, reaching millions of professionals monthly through digital, social media and events—particularly our ground-breaking openstage networking party.

Our community turns to us for breaking news, education, market intelligence, custom research, profile...