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Smarter, simpler, social stock investing

Smarter, simpler, social stock investing

Nvstr is a smarter, simpler, social online investment platform that empowers investors of all skill levels to enhance their profitability by 1) learning from other users' and experts' investment ideas and 2) improving how their ideas are translated into an intelligent portfolio.

Our platform streamlines a common conversation topic - "What stocks do you like these days?" - by enabling users to browse friends' and experts' top ideas while preserving the privacy of their own portfolios and positions. Once a user finds investment ideas they like, an effortless, institutional-quality process assists in allocating the portfolio pursuant to their own specific investment objectives.

The result is an investing experience that is simpler, more engaging, yet also substantially more sophisticated than that of traditional online investment platforms.

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Founder @Nvstr • Worked at @Merrill Lynch, @The Carlyle Group • Studied at @Harvard University