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An AI-powered personalized nutrition coach

An AI-powered personalized nutrition coach

NutriSense is a platform focused on improving metabolic health. We enable our users to find the perfect diet for their unique bodies by tracking key metabolic markers in real-time. We leverage powerful hardware (CGM, Ketone Meters, etc), software, and a team of expert dietitians to enable lasting behavior change. We provide the tools and support our users need to make smarter food and lifestyle decisions.

Senior Software Engineer

Content Marketing Manager

Remote Registered Dietitian / Functional Nutritionist

Growth Lead, Paid Media

10 years of Ruby and JS • Founder & CEO at @NutriSense • Co-founded @Trusted • First Engineer at @Trunk Club@University of Illinois, Urbana, Champaign
Finance and Strategy consultant with a diverse experience working for international conglomerates as well as small start ups.