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Nusura is a consulting and technology company. We work with organizations in nearly every discipline, from national defense to the public, private, and NGO sectors, to solve complex problems. We combine experience and innovation to create transformative solutions to complex problems in ways that help our customers build a better, safer, more resilient future. Our core services include: crisis and emergency preparedness and response; strategic planning; defense information strategy and exercise support; strategic communications; creative services; and technological innovation. Uniquely positioned at the confluence of experience and innovation, Nusura leads the consulting industry with a unique focus on technological innovation. Our creativity and technological acumen inform every project we undertake as we craft novel solutions that help our customers solve complex problems. Our Core Values are Quality, Audaciousness, and Entrepreneurship. Quality: We have an unrelenting commitment to quality— for our customers, in our working relationships with each other, and in our own quality of life. Audaciousness: We are not afraid to take chances. While we work with our customers to manage risk, we understand that innovation cannot happen without a willingness to step up and lean forward. Entrepreneurship: We believe that everyone is the CEO of something. We empower every employee and associate to act entrepreneurially and make unique contributions to the company’s mission.
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Fullstack Senior Drupal Developer

The Full Stack Senior Drupal Developer, under the direction of the Application Development Services Division Director, will be a dedicated and valued resource for the Nusura Application Development Services Team. This position will support SimultationDeck, our proprietary, highly interactive Ente...