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Real-time Video Analytics for Retail Stores

Real-time Video Analytics for Retail Stores

Nupek, Inc. is a real-time video analytics and solutions company providing essential data for retail stores such as traffic density, product tracking, and customer base statistics. Nupek leverages pre-existing video surveillance streams to eliminate high initial costs. In addition, Nupek takes advantage of artificial intelligence to provide data with pin point accuracy. Retail stores are currently in difficult times with online stores taking advantage of customer tracking, targeted advertisements, product placement, etc. Nupek aims to provide these revenue tactics to the retail market by adding features such as customer emotion and interest detection, customer traffic density around product displays, in-shelf product stock, store entrant to buyer conversion, and much more.

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Sarim Ahmed

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Founder & CEO at Nupek, Inc. & CS Major at University of Massachusetts Amherst