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Sr. Developer

$35k – $50k • 1.0% – 2.0%
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## Job Description

- Type things to make our SW go

## What you need to work here

- Be an infinite learner
- Be an excellent problem solver
- Be a creative problem solver of the hardest technical challenges

## Requirements

- Big brains, Big dreams, Big get-shit-done attitude
- Link to your Github, Website profile
- 3+ years of industry experience working atop Amazon Web Services, or Google Cloud
- Fluency in dynamic language like Javascript, Python, Ruby or similar
- Track record of designing and implementing complex and scalable software services
- Experience working with CAD files is a super plus

## How we work
- We try to validate everything we do with customers before we even code things.
- We launch betas and prototypes as early as we can. This helps us ensure that what we're building exactly what users want

## What we offer
- Equity
- Competitive Salary

## Our Team
- We're building a World Class team that elevates every team member to be in her absolute best to perform at the highest levels.

- Democratize manufacturing for Startups, then Individuals.

- Give complex manufacturing problems better **Aggregate Efficiency** through better **Machine/Human Collaboration.**

- Solve Real Issues (Meaningful work)
- Be Collaborative (Meaningful relationships)
- Practice Radical Truthfulness & Transparency
- Keep it playful & obvious (KIPO)

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