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We develop, manufacture, and bring to market new physical products

Business Development / Sales Prospector

$20k – $100k
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Who we are:

We believe the next generation of tech enabled products should look more like flying cars and less like 140 characters. We’re getting there by marrying the science of engineering and manufacturing with the art of industrial design and branding in the product development process. We do this while acting as an experienced guide for our partners on their journey to bring new physical products to market in almost every industry. We just happen to employ advance technologies including 3D printing, CNC milling and injection molding along the way.

Our work has spanned across Medical Devices, Educational Robotics and Clean Energy, with our contributions touching the lives of thousands of patients, parents and product users. We’re looking for people to help connect us with the next generation of entrepreneurs and businesses perusing these innovations.


Connect us with the right contacts for new product design, development, engineering and prototyping opportunities.

Transfer communication with prospects as early as possible to our executive team to further evaluate and close.

Maintain direct communication with our team to understand which projects are relevant and to keep current on our team’s availability and skills.

Make a warm introduction to the right person, (not looking for someone to simply spam sales emails).

Make judgements on who to potentially reach out to based on our past clients and projects.

Previous or current experience that could make you a great fit:

- You’re immersed in the hardware, medical device, IoT or CPG startup and growth-stage scene.

- You regularly see opportunities where our team could accelerate a company’s physical product development roadmap. This might be because a prospect has a short timeline, lacks the right resources or are hiring employees to bridge a product talent gap.

- You are a design or engineering freelancer that has a full pipeline of work and could benefit from kicking opportunities our way.

- You’ve worked in any of these industries and know companies or individual inventors, designers or entrepreneurs that need help with creating their product.

- You’re familiar with the engineering firm / design agency world or have a strong network of agencies that occasionally have gaps in their skill sets for projects. Example; an agency handles IoT embedded software development for clients but needs physical prototyping or low volume manufacturing for a project.

- Your network includes mid to large brands that don’t have the in-house design, engineering or manufacturing talent available for a one-off project.

How we operate:

Remote culture over Email, Slack, Hangouts

We have a flexible schedule to set up check-ins on new opportunities and updates, when needed. We’re mostly asynchronous and always conscious of each other’s time.


A fixed fee for each lead you generate and reach out to and a percentage of the revenue generated from your leads that end up converting.


Simply send us your background and a few brief sentences on the types of opportunities that you typically see (or have recently seen). We’ll ask for a small example to see how you’d handle identifying and reaching out to potential leads. Finally, we’ll set up a call/hangout to see if you could be a fit and if approved, we’ll sign an agreement and you can start sending leads.

More about us: NovoProductLabs.com, info (at) novoproductlabs.com

Novo Product Labs at a glance

We develop, manufacture, and bring to market new physical products

Novo Product Labs focuses on Manufacturing, Product Design, CAD, and Rapid Prototyping. Their company has offices in Philadelphia. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at http://www.NovoProductLabs.com

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