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Noumena Education Initiative (NEI), a private education consulting firm serving Korean nationals and international students, seeks sharp and resourceful professionals to join our team. NEI, founded by American Ivy League graduates, is unlike any other learning institution in Korea. Private education in Korea is a $16 billion (USD) industry, which NEI is striving to reshape through innovative instruction and dedication to true learning rather than mere profits. As NEI continues to expand its operations, ample opportunities for professional and financial growth exist for career-oriented individuals. We seek ambitious aspiring individuals who are eager to take the company to the next level. We offer profit sharing opportunities to those who can establish a strong track record of loyalty, performance, and initiative. We are still a small company, but with the right individuals we believe we can become a multinational firm within the next five years. We earnestly seek candidates who are as ambitious as our vision.
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Math and Science Education Advisor

As a Math and Science Education Advisor, you will work as part of a team committed to maximizing student potential. At Noumena, we have assisted students in gaining admission to Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Princeton, and countless other top 30 US universities, and you, too, will work to this standard.