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At Notion, our goal is to create the general purpose work tool for a post-file, post-MS Office world. My cofounder and I often joke that this was like the "hot startup topic" of the 90s. But conceptually, tools for knowledge workers haven't advanced much since then. The state of art is either Google Docs/Quip/Dropbox Paper (multiplayer WordPerfect), or rigid SAAS apps (Visual Basic on the web by outsourced IT). To end users, all the knowledge and workflows are trapped in different "silos", the best people can do is to duct-tape everything together, previously with emails, nowadays with Slack.

Notion wants to challenge this status quo of "software as silos". We are bundling real-time documents, wiki-like organization, and lightweight tasks into a unified tool that can handle pretty much all your team's knowledge needs – and this is just the beginning.

Hope to hear from you soon ✌️

Our story: notion.so/about
Our prdocut: notion.so/product
Our WSJ launch coverage: tinyurl.com/yd5uw7sg