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Personalized drug combination testing service for cancer patients

Personalized drug combination testing service for cancer patients

Notable Labs is a translational drug discovery platform focused on identifying therapeutic options for cancer patients.

Clinical lab service: We help doctors identify personalized combinations of FDA-approved treatments for their cancer patients. Focusing on individual patients + existing treatments, we’re discovering new uses of drugs and defining mechanisms underlying cancer progression and drug resistance. Using robotic + modern data science, we’re building a scalable, iterative model that will turn individual treatment selection into a data problem.

R&D platform: The clinical lab service acts as a funnel to acquire primary patient samples for biopharma partnerships. Using our automated, multi-parametric drug screening research platform, collaborators can assay the biological impact of compounds on primary cells in a physiologically relevant environment. This platform helps our partners stratify patients, de-risking drug development and increasing their probability of success.
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