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Northstar is the simplest way to automatically put your money in the best places, according to a custom financial plan. Our advisors tailor a plan to your life situation, and intelligent automation transfers the right amount of money each payday to pay off debt, save, pay bills, and invest. Northstar offers Starter Packs for key life events, guiding you through every financial decision in your lifetime.

Northstar was founded on the belief that everyone deserves access to objective, personalized, and automated financial management. Banks and point solutions are biased, and shouldn’t dictate how we use our money. We’ve created a new default, where your money is confidently and simply allocated, with the guidance of a financial advisor, at an attainable and fair price. We hope to change our relationship with money from one of shame and ignorance to confidence and pride.


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Founder of @Northstar. General Partner at @Red Swan Ventures.
Founder Northstar • Worked at @Path, @Chain