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Record Label 2.0

Record Label 2.0

Noon Pacific is a platform to break new artists. Listeners enjoy a 10-song mixtape released each Monday (at noon), making it the easiest way to discover new music and the most artist-friendly way to distribute your music as an artist. Our innovative singles-only record label leverages the latest distribution and promotional technologies with an 80/20 split in the artist's favor, while our Off the Record Snapchat series creates original content for the artists and their fans. A new livestream concept (beta) creates an opportunity for multimedia content to be pushed to all our apps and have users instantly notified. Original programming with DJs, artist sessions, music videos, and other broadcasts create content 7-days a week from our portable studio in Venice Beach.

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Alex Givens

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Developer and designer with a focus on interaction design. Creator of White Label and Noon Pacific.

Clark Dinnison

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Head of Product @Replenysh