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love. boom. future.

love. boom. future.

At nomoko, we are working on the first camera that will seamlessly merge real world with the digital universe. For the first time in history it will be possible to model the world inch by inch, pixel by pixel- from a coffee cup to entire cities.

It all started with developing a camera recording images at 250 megapixels.

Today, we are very close to surpassing the amazing resolution of 1 Gigapixel, far beyond the capabilities of the human eye. At such level of precision, our resolution will allow for life-like 3D modelling, bridging the gap between 3D animation and the world as we see it.

But we do not intend to stop at that.

Developing cutting edge technology, we are are looking for outstanding personalities to join our startup. We look for those minds that share our dream to disrupt markets with radically new products. We strive for nothing less than jaw-dropping image quality and the perfection of user experience. After all, we’re made in Switzerland.

Pedrini Vincent

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Young Entrepreneurs with investment potential structured from Luxembourg
Founder @nomoko

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