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Real, good food for dogs & cats. Backed by science and made with love



Andria Wold

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Worked at NomNomNow

Cindy Quach

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Enthusiastic, highly personable, and quirky aspiring marketing coordinator with a strong passion for communication and popular culture.

KC Mulligan

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Dan Massey

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Trevor Hargreaves

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I have worked in operations management roles throughout my career, specializing in rapid scale, leading large teams, and high volume process improvement.

Julia van Broek

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Hannah White

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Healthtech and customer support experience. Knowledge of data analysis, vendor relations, substantial research experience in behavior and genetics

Joel Barragan-Macias

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Kelly Eidson

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Over 10 years experience working in marketing and product strategy. Prev. Co-founder @ Moveline (Techstars NYC '12) and Head of Retention @ NomNomNow.

Yoshi Van Gelder

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All around Operations superstar. Operations Management experience in both startup and corporate settings. Proven record of program and personnel management.

Kevin Campbell

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Experienced acquisition marketer focusing on paid, organic, social, and growth strategies. I can develop strategy, execute, manage and grow a team.

Sarah Heckle

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Freelance writer, editor, blogger, and social media professional.

Elaine Chernov

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Hands-on Design Director. Brand Marketing + Product Design. 12 years experience, 104 years in start-up years.
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Seth LaReau

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Katelyn Pepper

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Tuyen Vo

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Megan Spurrell

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Tim Doyle

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Melissa Chu

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