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Foodtech for people who love to eat

Foodtech for people who love to eat

The most funded Kickstarter project in the food category in 2012, raising over $586K in 30 days. Now we're back and our device is connected, smarter, smaller, and more affordable. This time around we raised 750K and sold over 5,000 Nomikus. Top chefs around the world are cooking other-worldly delicious dishes with help from a secret weapon. It’s called an immersion circulator, which uses precise heat to create perfect dishes. These machines have typically been too complicated and expensive for home cooks. With Nomiku, we believe we can bring this essential tool into everyone's kitchen and it will completely change the way people cook forever.

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Co-founder/ designer at @Nomiku. A @Rhode Island School of Design and FCI grad: background in both design and food. Worked at Zoku and Fatty Crab. Loves sous vide cooking.
Co-founder/CTO of @Nomiku. @Princeton University Astrophysics PhD 2012. Worked at @LightSail Energy.
Co-Founder/CEO of @Nomiku. YC W15. Forbes, Inc, and Zagat 30 under 30.