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Career planning and management made easy through purpose-built software

Career planning and management made easy through purpose-built software

Nodabl is your personal career planner, making career planning and management easy.

Successful professionals actively plan and manage their careers. Doing this in a Google Doc, spreadsheet, to-do list, or pen/paper is incredibly hard. These general purpose tools don't provide any structure or workflow, no support for deadlines/reminders, and no ability to track, measure or visualize progress.

Nodabl provides-built structure and workflow to make career planning and management easy, all in an account that you own and control.

1) Set career goals using our pre-set options or create your own.
2) Create an action plan. Use descriptions, labels, deadlines, and other optional fields to keep yourself organized and on track.
3) Track your progress against your plan on a Kanban board so you can easily visualize progress and adjust priorities.
4) Collect feedback and assess your own growth with workflows that make these difficult tasks easy.
5) Visualize your success on reports.

Vikas Gupta

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Founder/CEO Nodabl, previously EIR @Alpha Edison. VP Product @ Baby Box, head of marketing/strategy @Factual. Former McKinsey analyst and VC associate.

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