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Replace your SLR with your smartphone camera

App Marketer / Growth Hacker

₹0 – ₹3L • 0.0% – 15.0%
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Futurecam is a new and unique mobile camera app with a lot of potential. To complement our team, we're looking for an app marketer with proven abilities in the following:

- Taking a new product from 0 to a 100 paying users per day, at CAC < LTV.
- Understanding vanity vs real metrics and optimising for the right ones.
- Figuring out marketing / growth hacking from scratch, not just optimising a marketing system already in place.
- Taking the initiative to proactively figure out things, not just following directions given by someone else.
- Aptitude to quickly experiment with new things in a structured way, gather data, analyse, and decide whether to iterate or move on to another effort.
- Doing A/B tests, gathering data, verifying it's statistically significant and integrating the conclusions of the experiment into our marketing plan.
- Experience in marketing a mobile app
- Experience in B2C marketing
- Experience in marketing of photography products, and understanding the photography market
- This can be a freelancing job, part-time, full-time or cofounder. All the care about are the results.
- Available to start working immediately.

About me (Kartick):
- I graduated from IIT Bombay with MTech in Computer Science.
- I worked at Google for almost 9 years, on most of the important products, like Google search, Youtube, Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Ads and Google News. See linkedin.com/in/vaddadi-kartick-5a0a9143
- From a technical point of view, I worked on a variety of platforms like iOS, Android, web apps, mobile web apps, backend and many more.