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The Niwa platform makes growing as easy, fun and interactive and you use a smartphone to monitor your Niwa One system.

Our platform will serve as a ‘brain’ for any kind of growing system, automating and creating the easiest possible growing experience. With this solution, everyone will be able to manage sizable harvests and maximize yields, all while overseeing the process from any internet-connected device.

The platform consists of 4 elements
1. The Niwa Cloud; an ever expanding depository of growing programs accessible with the press of the button.
2. The Niwa OS; interactive interface enabling you to track your plant progress, how long until harvest and what tasks you need to perform next
3. Hardware - a set of sensors and actuators to make your growing system smart
4. Community - who can experiment with growing programs, the crowd sourced data is used to optimized growing programs

Niwa is the first step toward putting our food in our own hands.

Zachary Damato

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@Niwa @Techstars Founder @Norman Distribution, @NaruProject, LLC • Investor @Everpurse • Studied at @Tsinghua University, @Purdue University

Javier Morillas

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Passionate engineer who believes that sustainability can be achieved with the help of technology Founder @Niwa Worked @Thales Avionics

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