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We are among the very few company in world who has been able to create trading strategies using Machine Learning on multiple assets. We use Reinforcement learning to achieve that. We are live from last 1 year and consistently beating market by huge margin. Currently, we are on next stage of growth, come work with us and create the world most unique quant fund. We are looking for problem solvers above all and don't care about status quo.
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Senior ML Researcher

Posted 2 weeks ago

1) Lead the research effort for developing and improving learning capabilities of Niveshi's AI engine.
2) Work alongside Quants and develop AI generated trading strategies for new markets.


Software Engineer

Posted 8 months ago

You will be expected to:

Data acquisition, cleaning, sanity testing, fixing and uploading it to db.
Develop and maintain live trading applications such as Risk and Performance monitoring systems
Build tools to support the research and automate processes
Develop an understanding of financial mar...