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Indian consumer finance venture focusing on financial inclusion



Rohit Sen

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CEO/ Cofounder @ NIRA. Previously spent 12 years working as a trader. Studied at Oxford University and the London School of Economics.
Cofounder @NIRA, Structurer & quantitative analyst for 5+ yrs, MS at UWaterloo, BTech at IIT Delhi, and now working on a venture of her own.


Rashmi Agrawal

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I am a hardworking efficient developer with a penchant for learning and work enthusiastically, contributing to my growth as well as that of the organization.

shridevi basavaraj

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7yrs experience in customer support and social media

Prajwal M S

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Shiksha Goyal

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Experience with Audit, Accounting, Documentation. Went to ICAI, Chartered Accountant, India

Ravindra Sharma

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Experience with Machine Learning,Data Analysis. Went to PDPM IIITDM JABALPUR

durgesh tiwari

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manager at csl finance bangalore, team lead at finomena.com

Parina Gandhi

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PM - Growth @ NIRA | Citibank | Studied Economics at St. Stephens College, Delhi

Shaifa nazir

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Experience in operations and marketing. Credit underwriting, disbursement, and collection of loans, Customer Support, market research, offline marketing.

Chirag Alawat

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Data analyst with experience in adtech business domain, currently looking for data/business analytics roles. Tools - R/Excel pre-processing and Tableau.

Durgesh tiwari

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Shivali Anand

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Lead HR at NIRA
Android and iOS developer

Sunny Khawash

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Credit Risk & Ops Specialist

Roopesh Nair

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Engineering @NIRA , Ex. Sen. Dev @Sporthood.in, Lead: Technology @Seynse, Full Stack Developer at @Pricify and @HeyLeela
Computer Scientist
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Former team

Usman Ali

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Nishanth R

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Sagar Saha

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Tejas Warathe

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Navya Bhasin

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Pranjal Modak

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