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Personalized gifting reimagined

Personalized gifting reimagined

NIPYATA! is an online personalized gifting service. We believe customers deserve better than the malaise of Party City. Our flagship product is the Stay Classy Burrito Booze Piñata. Filled with personalized plastic miniature bottles of spirits and this adult piñata knows how to party. Along with our mobile commerce personalization technology and our network of over 100 licensed liquor store partners, we are positioning NIPYATA! to reimagine personalized gifting in the beverage spirits category. We have 50 products in our pipeline with trademarks and patent pending designs that will be sold at nipyata.com and compliantly shipped by our store partners. After visiting a Tesla Dealer and test driving a Tesla Model S, our team visited a local Party City to source some last minute Halloween party favors. We had an epiphany as the juxtaposition of Tesla and Party City jarred us: the party store and the products inside hadn't changed in 50 years.

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