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trust your food

trust your food

Nima believes that everyone has the right to feel safe and confident every time they eat. We're building products creating food transparency, enabling people to trust their food.

There are 15M people in the US with food allergies, resulting in 200K hospital visits/year, and $5 Billion spent out-of-pocket to care for food allergies. For these people, eating is a gamble, and the only option is to try to react when it's already too late. Nima is building a proactive approach to help people with food allergies manage their eating.

Our first product is a portable gluten sensor so that anyone can test their food on the spot and ensure that it's safe to eat. We're coupling our sensor with a mobile app, creating the worlds first database of what restaurants and food is actually gluten free, backed by real data from every test result. In 2017 we plan to introduce milk and peanut versions.

Shireen Taleghani

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Founder 6SensorLabs • Sales and marketing @Google, @YouTube. MIT Sloan MBA 2013
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