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daniel ouellette

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International Manager for Adidas for 13 years. Experienced in Product Creation, Project Management, Fashion Merchandising and Strategy. Desire to help startups

Kayla Green

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IT Graduate student,seeking a customer service oriented position, with a diverse start -up.

Anis Ali

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pls i really want to work for yondr because they pay good money.

Nathalia Luna

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Analytical and strategic problem solver interested in quantitative analysis in the areas of development, AI, digital infrastructure, and emerging markets.

Olivia Gibson

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Currently studying PR/Advertising at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I have experience in marketing, branding, and sales.

Emmanuel Ogana

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Worked as a student manager for a $3.5 million investment fund then proceeded to co-found Munca Technologies which is geared to launch this year.

Taylor Wong

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Attending to Pasadena City College