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Stay safe, avoid compliance fees, be paper free

Stay safe, avoid compliance fees, be paper free

Every time a new shift starts its operator is supposed to inspect it and lost inspection form gets lost in someone's lunch box it can result in a $1,000 fine and, in some cases, downtime for a missed repair can result in an entire mine having to halt production resulting in Millions in lost production. We are offering an error proof cloud/mobile solution to pre-ops that sends automatic notifications to mechanics, enables easy archival for compliance, and empowers back offices to run analytics. When we get more data we will apply machine learning to make predictions on downtime and encourage action before anything unsafe or expensive happens. We will be able to spot when a vehicle is costing more to repair than just getting a new one. We will be able to balance repairs between minimizing down time, hopes to fix everything while a vehicle is in the shop, and needing to fix the most urgent things first.

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