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Transformative DevOps and Cybersecurity Solutions

Transformative DevOps and Cybersecurity Solutions

NextLink Labs, with an office in Pittsburgh, is a consulting and technical execution company founded by developers. It was built with the mindset that in order for companies, teams, and products to scale the engineer on those projects must be put in a position to succeed. From our experience, projects that strongly consider an engineer's happiness and productivity are more likely to be on time, more efficient, and scale/age well. Work-life balance is important to us. Taking a vested interest in the growth of our clients is equally important. NextLink Labs provides clients with Custom Software Development, DevOps / DevSecOps Consulting and Cybersecurity services.

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Senior Backend Engineer - Ruby

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Senior Full Stack Engineer

I am an experienced full stack software architect with a passion for Python, Javascript, Cloud, and Devops

Matt Haluska

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