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Global legal network management platform

Global legal network management platform

Global legal services is fragmented by design. Even the largest firms in the world struggle having a qualified lawyer in every practice and jurisdiction necessary to serve their clients.

We are helping lawyers and firms overcome this by giving them the tools they need to grow, nurture, and maintain their global network.

Unlike most legal-tech startups, we don't focus on efficiency (ie, reducing revenue earned from the billable hour). Rather, we help lawyers and firms grow their revenue by growing their referral network and providing necessary information for data-driven strategic growth decisions. We do this by providing:
- a platform to manage existing relationships;
- intuitive tools built-in to Outlook to replace manual tracking in spreadsheets by BD teams;
- insights into the current relationships with external providers and overseas offices; and
- data-driven suggestions for growing your network with lawyers in your specialty in jurisdictions that your clients operate in.

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