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Connecting people and their doctors


At NexHealth, we're mission driven. We're a small team with a mission to get our products in the hands of every person that sees a doctor. If we can achieve our goal, it will change the world. We believe we're the Edisons, Fords, and Karl Benzs of our time.

We like to work with people who are independent thinkers and entrepreneurial go getters with a real sense of urgency. Here are our values:

1. Customer obsession: Every decision we make is with the customer in mind. Happy customers are always a winning strategy.

2. Meritocracy and honesty: We believe the best ideas always win. However, in order for the best ideas to win we believe every team member needs to be blunt, honest, and bring problems to surface even if it means making your teammates uncomfortable.

3. Hustle: In order to change the world and achieve something great, we believe you need to get more done with less. Work harder, longer, AND smarter.

4. Be yourself: You're allowed to be your true authentic self at NexHealth. We talk about all sorts of ideas and topics at NexHealth, from politics to SpongeBob Squarepants. And through it all, you're okay to be your true self.

If this culture and mission excites you, we'd love to work with you :).

Perks and benefits


We're a healthcare company, so we cover 100% medical, vision, and dental :).


We want our first 20 employees to own enough equity so that they can be millionaires when we IPO :).

Free Friday Catering

We offer free Friday catering

We love pets!

Annual Retreat

We take the team to an annual retreat every year where we get to chill, bond, and set the company strategy for the next 12 months.