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★ Providing "Military Grade" IT Training For The Next Generation Workforce ★

★ Growth Hack Marketer/Funnel Builder at Fast Growing YC W18 Company

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★ Growth Hack Marketer at Fast Growing YC W18 Company

Our vision at NexGenT is to empower anyone, anywhere to access the education they need to develop meaningful careers in the New Economy. We are on a mission to help millions of people transition into tech jobs over the next decade - people who historically haven’t had access to the traditional pathways that funnel into well paying, secure tech work. In an era where 47% of traditional jobs will disappear over the next 25 years, and millions of technical jobs being unfilled in the next decade, NexGenT has an exciting opportunity to help empower a whole generation of workers to thrive and flourish over the next several decades.

“Prior to the Zero To Engineer program, I was a forklift driver at a chemical plant” - Keron Taylor, Data Center Engineer at Google. zerotoengineer.com

Our business is growing at a meteoric pace, and we are looking for an outstanding Growth Hack Marketer to help us position our company for the next phase of growth.

You will work closely with our CEO and Director of Sales to lead our efforts to acquire customers at profit and to help promote our brand. You will lead the effort to develop a winning go to market strategy across all channels as we launch new programs across all of our latest offerings.

NexGenT solves the growing shortage of IT engineer for enterprise companies with cutting-edge education software. Our intelligent learning platform provides smart career guidance, skills assessment, and access to world-class engineers for 1:1 mentorship. Our current focus is on two tracks: Cyber Security training and Network Engineering.


To inspire, create and empower the next generation of IT engineers by providing the highest quality tech education that is affordable to anyone.


The Growth Marketer must be a go-getter who can thrive in a fast-paced environment. The ideal candidate will have previous startup experience , will be comfortable speaking/presenting in public, and will need to have native-level fluency in English.


- Interprets business objectives and develops creative and effective advertising programs to achieve those objectives.

- Oversees campaign creatives and guides digital media planning and execution.

- Implementing digital advertising plan and maintains budget control throughout entire process. (IE. Facebook, Google, IG, Youtube)

- Understands, customizes, and optimizes the entire campaign management process, including production, execution, and quality control.

- Develops rigorous A/B test plans to draw insights critical for growth and optimization, including ad copy, audience segmentation, and landing page tests.

- Compiles advertising data analytics and reports on the effectiveness of campaigns to maximize results.

- Manages the production of video content (shooting, editing, uploading, optimizing, and adding effects).

- Implementing data collect techniques, lead attraction devices, & effective source tracking

- Implementing behavior-driven nurturing strategies and tactics

- Implementing intelligent post-purchase dynamic follow-ups


A growth marketer mindset who is data driven and alot of startup hustle!


We pay 99% of your Medical, dental & vision! Generous stock options available.