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Founding member of the McGill Astronomy department, published twice in Nature. Founded Nexalogy to empower signal to noise reduction in social data.


Sam Vipond

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Will Eizlini

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able to do every aspect of web development from design to front-end code to API and backend, currently into angular 2 and react
Sysadmin extraordinaire with a web development past.

Alex Mihai

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Guy Moise

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Tomasz Zemla

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Freelance Creative Technologist Programming, art, design. I create images with code. #javascript #canvas #html5 #processing #generative #webgl #threejs #d3js

Krista Smyth

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Zachary Devereaux

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Responsible for ongoing oversight of social KPIs, metrics, data collection, competitive social media intelligence and the production of actionable insights.

Board members and advisors

Nina Silverstone

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CFO @Strategic Planner. Advisor to Hopper, Cinemagram and Xiplink. Was CFO at Mobivox and Hexago.
Founder of Regret the Error. Entrepreneurial journalist, award-winning writer & author. Adjunct Faculty @ The Poynter Institute for Media Studies.
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Former team

Mustafa Ibrahim

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Alexis Smirnov

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Amirun Shah

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