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Sascha Eder

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Co-founder at NewtonX Passionate about automation and technology topics from big data to virtual reality. International background (Germany, Spain, France, US)

Germain Chastel

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CEO of NewtonX. Passionate about AI, automation and marketplaces. Strong business background (McKinsey, Harvard Business School)


Jeremy Wee

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Head of People at NewtonX. Helping transform companies (Fortune 500 to high growth) to scale, structure, and optimize their organizations.

Yufei Pan

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CTO at NewtonX

Davis Townsley

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Sanjana Ghosh

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Interned at Citibank, Maguire Steele and the United Nations. Experience with Finance and Business Analysis. Went to New York University and graduated in May '18

Nicolas Amoretti

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Head of Sales and Customer Success at NewtonX

Matthew Palen

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Interdisciplinary background in finance and technology.

Sophie Qian

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Currently a Sr. Manager at NewtonX

Jerry Gao

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Developer with experience across the full stack but in love with the front end. Good with Angular and React. Used to be a designer & illustrator.

Kartik Nagre

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Data Scientst at NewtonX | http://eileen.io/

Jazmin Feijoo

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Wellesley College B.A. in Economics Cambridge Associates Private Investments Operations Analyst Reconciliation Project Lead

Rameez Arif

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Software engineer with 2 years experience, working primarily at startups. Looking to join a team that is creating great products by leveraging modern technology

stephanie ahwireng

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Worked at NewtonX, TaskRabbit. Experience with Adobe Photoshop, Accounting, CMS. Went to Hunter College Of The City University Of New York
Currently working as sales and business development manager @NewtonX. Studied at University of Sorbonne, EM Lyon business school and Pace university

Elise Berlinski

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Data Scientist at NewtonX
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Benjamin DeVoe

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Benjamin DeVoe

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Nick Schoen

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Josephine Le

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