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The people at NewtonX don’t just build technology — they revolutionize entire industries. The diversity of the NewtonX people and their ideas inspire the innovation that runs through everything we do, from building cutting-edge technology to leading industry developments. Join NewtonX, and help us disrupt the knowledge access market.

We are inventors, executors and drivers of excellence: forever tinkering with technology and processes, always on the lookout for better ways of doing things. NewtonX rewards bright thinking and hard work.

Our vision is to make expertise sharing easy, fast and rewarding. Leveraging two core proprietary technologies — an expert search engine and an expert conversion engine — we connect business professionals to the world's leading experts. NewtonX has transformed knowledge access for numerous Fortune 100 companies by cutting out the middleman and providing direct access to experts. Clients now have streamlined access to expertise for use cases such as voice of the customer analysis, competitive intelligence, product benchmarking, and due diligence.

NewtonX counts many of the largest companies in the world as its clients. . Over the past two years, we’ve grown from three employees, one product, and one client, to a dynamic team of over 30 employees, 80+ clients, 4 products, and 10x revenue growth. Join NewtonX to participate in our growth, and to revolutionize B2B knowledge access.
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