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Senior DevOps Engineer

$170k – $200k
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NewtonX is the first B2B Expertise Search Engine. We connect our Fortune 500 clients looking for access to highly specific, hard to find knowledge, across all industries. Our technology consists of big data search with machine learning, global marketplace platforms, and orchestration of data collection and indexing from a variety of sources.

Our systems to support these platforms require very strong devops engineers to build rock solid CI/CD pipelines, design and provision big data resources and environments as our scaling and testing needs increase, maintain SLAs, and strengthen our security. We are looking for strong, inquisitive engineers with clever solutions, and a desire to join a small but fast growing team (< 40) to get in early and influence our technology, architecture, and infrastructure.

- Implement CI/CD pipelines and tooling across all of our apps
- Streamline our test automation process, tools and scripts
- Designing systems at scale to make sure solutions built are economical.
- Build, maintain, and monitor configuration and security standards
- Monitor systems for security, reliability, and performance as measured by SLAs.
- Anticipate scaling needs and design systems and infrastructure accordingly
- Optimize branching workflows, versioning, and deployment of environments (e.g. dev, QA, staging, UAT, production, etc.)
- Implement best practices for cloud security
- Manage DNS and cloud networking
- Provision resources as needed

- 6 years min experience in DevOps
- Hands on experience working on Google Cloud Platform or AWS (GCP highly preferred)
- Deep experience in Kubernetes and Docker
- Experienced with managing dependencies through Nexus or JFrog artifactories (Nexus highly preferred).
- Experience setting up monitoring, logging, and alerting software (e.g. GCP Stackdriver)
- Well versed with at-least two scripting languages - Shell and one more (Python, Ruby)
- Provide business hours support, and execute tasks with precision.
- In-depth knowledge of networks, security, database maintenance and performance
- Build and Release management using Git, Jenkins pipelines (or similar config/automation tools like Puppet, Chef, Ansible, but Jenkins highly preferred)
- In depth experience implementing security best practices for VPCs, IAM, firewalls, application secrets management, and in reducing hacker attack surfaces.
- Experience optimizing and monitoring server performance and infrastructure cost optimizations
- Experience in operation and architecture of multi-tier distributed systems involving load balancers, caching layers and real-time event processing
- Know linux commands, file systems, and package managers like the back of your hand.

- Experience provisioning clusters for services related to big data and search (Spark, Hadoop, Elastic Search)
- Selenium or related automated testing tools
- Experience in network/cloud security

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