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Social analytics for the whole world's content

Social analytics for the whole world's content

NewsWhip is a content intelligence platform, powering a suite of products used to create and influence media. Customers include media companies, marketing and communications professionals, governments, law firms, talent agencies and tech companies.

We're backed by the Associated Press, 500Startups, Matter, Social Starts and Tribal.vc, Flite SaaS, and angel investors and the SaaS Syndicate. We have offices in Dublin and New York.

Current products:

SPIKE: a dashboard showing the social trending velocity and trajectory of content, news and stories. Spike predicts 79% of future viral stories. More about Spike here: po.st/BCto56

INSIGHTS: The world’s most complete social data on any publication, writer or topic. Insights gives you comprehensive analytics on who's winning on the social web each day. More about Insights here: po.st/Pap2Qs

API: partners can get live or historical data with our GET and POST APIs. More about API here: po.st/RQFA2W

Andrew Mullaney

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Founder NewsWhip

Paul Quigley

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Founder at NewsWhip, helping show you what matters in the world today. Atlantic Bicoastal (NY-Dublin).

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