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Artificial Intelligence for fashion industry

Software Engineer

¥5000k – ¥7500k • 0.0% – 1.0%
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We are hiring software engineers.

Our team mainly uses Ruby on Rails for the back-end and React.js for the front-end and uses English to communicate.

# About us
- We are a startup focusing on the fashion domain.
- 3 engineers, an editor, and a CEO.
- Work in Shibuya.

# What we do
We provide a recommendation engine to fashion E-commerce.
Users enjoy online shopping as if they go to real shops.
Our artificial intelligence recommends items and coordinates.

# Vision
E-commerce is useful for the limited use case and real shops are the same.
We want to make both of them more useful with our technologies.

# Requirements
- Experience working as an engineer for over one year.

# Visa requirements
In general, an Applicant for an Engineer Visa must satisfy one of the following requirements:
- Graduated from university and majored in a subject relevant to the duties which he plans to undertake
- Have at least 10 years relevant experience


# Teck stacks
## Programming languages
- Ruby
- JavaScript / TypeScript
- Golang

## Middlewares
- PostgreSQL
- AWS Aurora
- Solr
- DynamoDB
- Redis
- Docker

## Back-end
- Ubuntu
- AWS Lambda
- Amazon API Gateway
- Serverless Framework
- Ruby on Rails 5
- Capistrano
- Resque
- RSpec
- Cucumber

## Front-end
- Slim
- Webpack
- Jasmine =(switching to)=> Jest
- CoffeeScript =(switching to)=> Babel / TypeScript
- MarionetteJS =(switching to)=> React / Redux

# Development and Communication tools
- Git / Github
- Slack
- Pivotal Tracker
- CircleCI
- Mixpanel
- Bugsnag

Meet your team

People you would work with in this role
Founder @NEWROPE Marketing, designing, sales and frontend engineering.

Hiroki Arai

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I work on the back-end and front-end of our ladies' fashion service #CBK and the related services at NEWROPE Co. Ltd. I also work on hiring engineers.