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Smart Contracts Management System

Smart Contracts Management System

Our flagship product is the Smart Contracts Management System which drafts, codes, stores and executes automatically the Smart Contracts (SCs) and takes custody of digital assets. The benefits of SCs over the traditional paper contracts are: (1) security; (2) flexibility; (3) clarity; (4) transparent; and (5) low-cost. We will also adopt the Blockchain technology to create a public repository of cryptographically verified information.

There are 2 distinct groups in our target clientele: (1) businesses; (2) financial institutions.

Businesses can make use of SCMS to develop new business models e.g.:
1. Sports betting platform
2. Loan servicing platform
3. Decentralized financial exchanges
4. Subscription management
5. Scheduled cryptocurrency payments
6. Licensing agreements

Financial Institutions can make use of SCMS to streamline their services e.g.:
1. Financial Instruments (derivatives, fixed income)
2. Escrow for inter-institutional transactions
3. Distributor agreements

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