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Helping patients feel better faster

Helping patients feel better faster

NeuroFlow is a technology and analytics company enabling behavioral health access and engagement. Combining validated techniques, data science, and behavioral economics, NeuroFlow allows entities to assess, track, and engage their population using evidence-based practices to support their mental health.

Our suite of HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based tools simplifies remote monitoring in order to improve outcomes, overall wellness, and cost. NeuroFlow can be used to gauge the effectiveness of resiliency training and assessing soldiers’ mental state while providing mental wellness tools.

We would collect data and in-app behavior (interactions/behavior patterns, activity completion, activity results, clinically validated assessments, etc.).We would compare how similar people behave and determine how specific activities work to increase resilience. Some examples include sharing engaging content through videos, journal prompts or building machine-driven automatic activity recommendations.
Founder @NeuroFlow and @thingsweread • Worked at @McKinsey & Company, @US Army • Studied at @West Point and @Wharton School

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