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Collect and analyze brainwave signals

Collect and analyze brainwave signals

Does an interesting photo pique our attention more than a usual photo? Does an attention catching video actually induce a significant brainwave signal? Can the brainwave signal analysis allow us to predict what goes viral on social media? Our product, Neuroclick, aims to explore the relationship between brainwave signals and “interest” that users develop to various external stimuli.

In pursuit of this goal, we develop a platform consisting of various tools to interface with the Neurosky device, perform semi automated experiments with users and archive data anonymously. We also perform data analysis on the gathered data to find relations which can help answer today’s tough questions like “Will this picture of my cat go viral?” :)

Apart from judging cute cat photos, this technology could also find applications in design, advertising, marketing, A/B testing and various other fields, which might benefit from the knowledge of user attention/interest.
Founder NeuroClick, Graduate Student Researcher @UC Berkeley, Data Scientist @Twitter

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