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Building the Everyday Brain-Computer Interface

Building the Everyday Brain-Computer Interface

Neurable lets you control things with your mind. This isn't science fiction; Neurable's technology has already enabled people to play games, control robots, and even drive a car using the power of the mind.

Neurable has developed a proprietary method for analyzing brain activity. Our product is a brain-computer interface for augmented/virtual reality. Neurable unlocks the true potential of AR/VR by creating powerful new ways to experience the world around us. Neurable's mission is to become the world's leading provider of neurotechnology. Our vision is to create a world without limitations.

Ramses Alcaide

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Electrical Engineer, neuroscientist, President, and CEO of @Neurable. Neuroscience Innovator Awardee. Previous CEO of Pharo LLC and former CTO of Neurostride.
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