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Early: coded Mac Mosaic, Netscape founding engineer. Founding team of: Epinions, MemMatrix. Today: coding a bit, investing little. CV on for details.
CEO of CloudBolt Software.  Serial entrepreneur. Web founder (co-wrote NCSA Mosaic), Founder @Netscape; VPE @Onlive. Angel investor: Tesla, @ProFounder, ++


Founder Art Revolver • Worked at @Netscape, @Johnson & Johnson
Jonathan Abrams is an engineer, entrepreneur, and investor. Co-founder and Managing Partner of Founders Den, previously founder of Nuzzel and Friendster.
Investor @ Free State Forge. Formerly w/ Google, Android, YouTube, Cisco & Netscape. Patents in mapping, navigation & monetization.
Solution driven executive with extensive background in Strategic Planning, Business and Enterprise Architecture for very large multi-nationals. 
Founder @Adya (acq. by @Qualys ) • @Netscape, @Sun @Riverbed @druva-software . Edu : @Cornell, MBA @Berkeley. CEO / PM / TME / Engineering experience

Greg O'Connell

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Co-Founder, AdFury. Marketing and product management. Ex-comedian. No longer funny. Lived in Russia, Malawi, Germany. Alum of @Netscape , @Openwave

Wayne Muesse

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First employee @Uplift Worked @TiVo, @SideStep, @Netscape, @Kiva Software

Rob Goodman

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Veteran Engineering and IT manager and program manager, management consultant for 12 years, overseer, driver and traffic cop of several acquisition integrations

Rob Novotny

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Early stage leader, executive, co-founder, product manager.

Michael A Buonomo

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Product leader & Entrepreneur. Formerly CEO/co-founder @CardSpring (acquired by @Twitter), @Yahoo, @Tellme, @Netscape, and @stanfordbmi

Tristan Nitot

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Cozy Cloud Chief Product Officer (C3PO). Wrote "Surveillance://", a book about on-line privacy & surveillance. Founded Mozilla Eu. Ex-@CNNum member.

Chris Waterson

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Worked at Google, Netscape
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